Backing Tracks


BackingTracks solo con Bateria Bajo o Guitarras Ritmicas

All out life BakingTrack_Slipknot
Am i evil_BackingTrack-Metallica
Creeping death_backingtrack-Metallica
Fade to black_Backingtrack-MetallicaHarvester of sorrow_BackingTrack-Metallica
Birth of the cruel-BackingTrack-Slipknot
Nero forte-BackingTrack-Slipknot

Catastrophist Trivium-Drum and Bass

                                                                      8 Bits 

Catastrophist Trivium
Like the wind -maybe by- Statues In Motion

BackingTracks Todos los Instrumentos (Sin Voces)

All out life Bakingtrack_Slipknot-with out voice
The Deceived-BackinTrack-Trivium

                                                         Drum Tabs

Catastrophist Trivium- Drum Tab

36-Bass Drum1
41-Low Flor Tom
42-Closed Hit-Hat
45-Low Tom
47-Low mid Tom
48-Hi Mid Tom
49-Crash Cymbal 1
55-Splash Cymbal
52-Chinese Cymbal
53-Ride Bell
57-Chars Cymbal 2
59-Ride Cymbal 2

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