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Follow @john_metalll Tweet to @john_metalll How many of you have not received the following notification to your email or channel for a video you created "A copyright owner claimed part of the content of your video"? For many content creators, this is day-to-day bread, and it is very frustrating since everyone strives to create quality content according to their possibilities and knowledge, investing hours and hours in writing and producing content, and there are others who invest a lot of money so that in the end your video has to share income or lose it completely just for a fragment of a song. For some creators the music of their video is not the important thing so it is easy to use YouTube's boring Music library. But for others, music influences it to such a degree that without it the video loses meaning, such as suspense or horror videos, those where you want to put energy, sadness or any other feeling or sensation. And it is for this reason that today I b

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